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An appropriate YouTube thumbnail should sum up your video and attract your audiences to click! FotoJet's free online YouTube thumbnail maker will help you make YouTube video thumbnails easily and quickly. Just add your photos and edit freely to customize one now!



Various YouTube Thumbnail Templates

There are massive professionally designed templates for YouTube thumbnails. You can make YouTube thumbnails easily by customizing any of them.


What Can You Do With FotoJet YouTube Thumbnail Maker

FotoJet offers a way to design custom YouTube thumbnails that your videos deserve. With lots of templates, clipart images and other resources to choose and edit, you can find it very fun and easy to make your own thumbnails. Start your design now!



Make YouTube Thumbnails in 3 Steps


1. Choose a Template

Choose from dozens of YouTube thumbnail templates to start.


2. Edit

Add photos and customize your YouTube thumbnail freely.


3. Save/Share

Save your thumbnail as image or share it online via social media.

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