Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

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Everywhere in the world women live longer than men - but this was not always the case. The available data from rich countries shows that women didn't live longer than men in the 19th century. What's the reason women live longer than men? And why the advantage has grown as time passes? The evidence is sketchy and we only have some answers. We know there are biological, behavioral and environmental variables which play a significant role in women's longevity more than men, we don't know the extent to which each factor plays a role.

In spite of the amount of weight, افضل شامبو وبلسم we are aware that at least part of the reason why women live so much longer than men, but not previously, is to do with the fact that several key non-biological factors have changed. What are the factors that are changing? Some are well known and relatively straightforward, like the fact that men smoke more often. Others are more complicated. For example, there is evidence that in rich countries the female advantage increased in part because infectious diseases used to affect women disproportionately a century ago, so advances in medicine that reduced the long-term health burden from infectious diseases, especially for survivors, ended up raising women's longevity disproportionately.

Everywhere in the world women tend to live longer than men
The first chart below shows life expectancy at birth for men and women. As we can see, every country is above the diagonal parity line , it means that in all nations the newborn girl is likely to live for longer than a newborn boy.1

This chart illustrates that, even though women enjoy an advantage in all countries, افضل شامبو وبلسم the differences across countries can be significant. In Russia women live for 10 years longer than males. In Bhutan, the difference is just half a year.

The advantage women had in life expectancy was much lower in countries with higher incomes than it is today.
Let's take a look at how the female longevity advantage has changed in the course of time. The following chart shows the male and female life expectancies at the time of birth in the US from 1790 until 2014. Two distinct points stand out.

First, there is an upward trend. Both genders in America live longer than they did 100 years ago. This is in line with historical increases in life expectancy everywhere in the world.

Second, there's an increase in the gap between men and women: female advantage in life expectancy used to be extremely small however, it has increased significantly over the course of the last century.

By selecting 'Change Country' on the chart, you can check that these two points are applicable to the other countries having available data: Sweden, France and the UK.50214413503_f4e6de6cea.jpg
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